Conference Video 2015




  • Oocyte cryopresevation
Prof.Ri Cheng Chian
  • Oocyte cryopresevation
Prof.Ri Cheng Chian
  • Workshop 1
Prof.Ri Cheng Chian
  • Ovarian tissue cryopresevation
Prof.Ri Cheng Chian
  • Workshop 2
Prof.Ri Cheng Chian

  • Openning Speech
President of TSRM
  • Molecular biology in PCOS
Dr.Areepan Sophonsritsuk
  • IVM current uses and outcomes

Prof.Ri Cheng Chian

  • A summary of New advances in ART from ESHRE, ASRM and COGI 2014

Prof.Teraporn Vutyavanich

  • Dual trigger in prevention of OHSS and improvement of pregnancy rate

Dr.Alon Talmor

  • Oocyte and ovatian tissue cryoperservation

Prof.Ri Cheng Chian

  • Scientific challenges for successful ovarian transplantation

Prof.Samuel Kim

  • PCOS current clinical approach and fertility treatment

Prof.Nares Sukchareon

  • aCGH vs. Next generation sequencing for single cell aneuploidy screening

Dr.Matchuporn Sukprasert

  • Genomic and non-genomic pathways of ovarian steroid hormone action
Dr.Areepan Sophonsritsuk
  • The role of DHEA supplementation in poor responders
Prof.Salim Daya
  • Management of poor responders
Dr.Clement Ho
  • Premature Progesterone Rise in Ovarian stimulation, and its level ...
Dr.Clement Ho
  • Strategies to improve implatation in ART
Prof.Salim Daya
  • Optimizing embryo development with non-invasive embryo culture
Dr.Mathew Ver Milyea
  • Should all IVF labs have a time-lapse system for embryo culture?
Prof.Suphakde Julvijitpong
  • Assessment of embryo quality by Time-lapse system Vs aCGH
Dr.Suchada Monkolchaipak

  • Management of adenomyosis and myoma in infertility
Dr.Chatpavit Ketpuk
  • COS in Endometriosis
Dr.Somchai Suwajanakorn
  • ART in Malaysia: How government plays a role
Dr.KK Iswaran
  • Ovarian stimulation protocols in diminised ovarian response
Dr.Manh Tuong Ho
  • Freeze all and frozen embryo transfer
Dr.Manh Tuong Ho
  • How to improve outcomes in non-genetic, unexplained ...
Dr.Kwangmoon Yang
  • Clinical implementation of PGS
Dr.Deirdre Zander-Fox
  • Fast Track aCGH
Dr.Dan Bellucio
  • Stem cell and artificial gamete
Dr.Somsin Petyim

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