Conference Video 2014




  • Routine essential monitoring and maintenance in IVF lab
  • Choosing embryo culture system
Toni Di Berardino
  • Optimal media for embryo culture
  • How to get good quality sperm
Lars Johansson
  • ICSI technics and pitfalls
  • Oocyte and Embryo quality assessment
Toni Di Berardino
  • Embryo and oocyte Vitrification
Lars Johansson

  • Embryo biopsy-polar bodies, blastomeres or trophectoderm
Alpesh Doshi
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls in embryo biopsy
Dr.Suchada Monkolchaipak
  • Hands on Embryo Biopsy (animal model)
  • Alpesh Doshi
  • Dr.Suchada Monkolchaipak
  • Usanee Jetsawangsri
  • Ubol Chuangsoongneon

  • Openning Speech
Dr.Teraporn Vutyavanich
  • Improving Embryos Quality-Laboratory Aspects
Toni Di Berardino
  • Are we moving towards single step media?
Alpesh Doshi
  • Clinical evidence for assessing media efficary
James William Catt
  • Extended release gonadotropin therapy for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
Dr.Somjate Manipalviratn
  • Dydrogesterone in luteal phase support: turning evidence based to clinical practice
Dr.Teraporn Vutyavanich
  • Epigenetic impacts on Embryo culture
Dr.Wirawit Piyamongkol
  • Dynamics of comprehensive preimplantation genetic testing
Dr.Matchuporn Sukprasert
Panel Discussion
Single step Vs Sequencial culture media
Alpesh Doshi, Toni Di Berardino, James William Catt, Lars Johansson
Dr.Teraporn Vutyavanich
  • The Role of LH in individualized controlled ovarian stimulation for ART
  • Influence of individualized controlled ovarian stimulation on uterine receptivity
Dr.Robert Fischer

  • Role of Progesterone in Preterm Birth Prevention
Dr.Teera Wacharaprechanont
  • An appraisal on a newly establish IVF program in the Philippines
Dr.Vergilio Novero Jr.
  • OHSS free clinic
  • Single Embryo Transfer
Dr.Clare Boothroyd
  • New Frontiers in Reproductive Health
Kellie Wong
  • Molecular biology in Endometriosis
Dr.Areepan Sophonsritsuk
AEC Forum
Overview of IVF practices in AEC
President of AEC Society for Reproductive medicine
Dr.Nares Sukchareon

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