October  28, 2020

Etthics in ART Clare Boothroyd, M.D.
Current use of Clomiphene citrate in ART Assoc. Prof. Somsin Petyim, M.D., PhD.
Practical guidance from the real expert on vaginal progesterone for LPS: find out the best outcomes for IVF patient Prof.Human Fatemi, M.D., PhD.
Improve the better outcomes for our IVF pattients: choosing the right ovarian stimulation is matter!

Prof.Human Fatemi, M.D., PhD.

Poor responder: what to offer?

Somjate Manipalviratn, M.D.

Enhancing the role of LH and optimize the beneficial recombinant LH in ovarian stimulation

Robert Fischer, M.D.

Use of add-ons in ART

Clare Boothroyd, M.D.

Innovative Controlled ovarian Hyperstimulation method for pcos without ohss and higher oocyte quality resulted in highest cumulative pregnancy at one cycle

Attsushi Tanaka, M.D., PhD.

Prresent and Future of ROSI

Attsushi Tanaka, M.D., PhD.

October 29, 2020

The use of mitochondrial supplementation to rescue oocytes deficient in mtDNA copy number

Justin St. John, PhD., B.Sc.

Is it time to move forward to non-invasive pgt? Yan Zhou, Ph.D.
Endometrial receptivity test (ert) using rna-seq to predict the optimal window of implantation: a pilot study Yan Zhou, Ph.D.
Recent Advances in GenetticScrreening for Reproductive Health: From Preconcepttion to Newborn Michael Richardson, PhD.
PGTai-The next generation of PGT-A technology David Chrrimes, PhD.
PGT-A/M/SR clinical applicattion Francesca Spindlla, PhD.
Mosaicism and their clinical outcomes Francesca Spindlla, PhD.

October 30, 2020

ArremDNA variants, mutations and deletions predictors of oocyte and embrryo quality? Justin St. John, PhD., B.Sc.
How to prepare the endometrrium for frozen embrryo transfer cycle Jack Huang, M.D., PhD.
Optimizing timing of embryo transfer Jack Huang, M.D., PhD.
1.Lipiodol Changed My Practice - How and Why Prof. Neil Johnson, M.D., FRANZCOG, MRCGP, CREI
Japan Experrience on Lipiodol on HSG for last 10 years Prof. Yutaka Osuga, M.D., PhD.
Lipiodol relevant HSG study and clinical evidence update Prof. Ben Willem Mol, FRANZCOG, M.D., PhD., B.Sc. (econ), B.Sc.(med)
How automate algorithm can help on embryo grading Marcos Meseguer, PhD.
Non-invasive PGT-A; The Next Generation for Embryo Viability Diagnosis Carlos Simon, M.D., PhD.
Solving tthe puzzle of endometrial factor Carlos Simon, M.D., PhD.
ERPeak-Timing the embryo transfer using endometrial receptivity testing David Chrimes, PhD.
The use of nuclear transfer to treat infertility and mitochondria disease Justin St. John, PhD., B.Sc.

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